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 A Behind The Scenes Look at Moderation and Staff Practices

Discussion in 'General Information & Site Guides' started by Alchemy, Jun 6, 2019.

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  1. Alchemy

    Alchemy Our Lady Of The Underground Administrator

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    7:21 PM
    We've had a few members curious about our report system and how we process reports, so we wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes.

    Who is staff at BDRP?
    Staff is made up of Administrators and Moderators. All of BD's staff are volunteers who typically dedicate several hours a week to help keep BD running. We do our best to keep drama and other issues out of the public eye, which means we often have to deal with difficult and taxing situations.

    We mention this because that part of our job is often invisible and people sometimes see staff as royalty, when oftentimes it feels more like we play the part of the site janitors. We just ask that if staff contacts you or if you contact staff, to please try to remember we are working hard to keep the community fun for all sorts of members with different preferences and comfort levels.

    What Happens When Something Is Reported?
    When you report something onsite, it is put into a cue of reports that only staff can see (See the screenshots below). For staff, a report notification looks a lot like a PM or Thread notification.

    Reporting content does not notify the user you reported, only staff is able to see the report. We do our best to keep reports anonymous and we try to protect those who keep our community safe by notifying us of negative activity.

    This is the process we go through once something is reported:
    1. First, staff reviews and discusses the report. If no rules are violated or there are no real issues, the report is rejected.
    2. If a rule has been violated, a staff member takes the report and messages the member. If there is an image or content that violates the rules, we usually try to give the member a chance to remove it themselves, but in some instances, we will remove the image/content ourselves before we message the member if it is particularly graphic or a clear content violation. This is done to keep the community insulated from explicit content, spam or advertising.
    3. If the rule violation seems minor, we will generally just send out a reminder PM. This gives the member a chance to self-correct the issue. A reminder has no real consequences, it's simply us asking you to correct something. If you get a reminder from staff, please don't see it as a negative, we're just trying to help you correct a simple issue.
    4. If it is more major, we may also issue a warning point along with a warning PM. Warning points are visible to staff and if you accrue three warning points, you will be banned from the site. Again, this system is meant to correct behavior before it gets out of hand.
    5. If it is a bannable offense, the member will be banned and it may be without much warning. We expect all members to be very familiar with our auto-ban offenses. If a member is engaging in that sort of activity, we put the safety of the community first and remove them.
    If you would like to see what the Report area looks like (only staff can see it), here are some screenshots of the system.

    This is the main page, where all the reports are listed.

    This is what an individual report page looks like.
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