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 A Reminder About Common Courtesy

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Alchemy, Mar 4, 2019.

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  1. Alchemy

    Alchemy Must be the season of the witch... Administrator

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    1:04 PM
    We wanted to send out a reminder about the Common Courtesy Rule on BD and how it relates to issues like harassment, staff interactions and keeping the BD community peaceful as a whole. Since we are a forum that is open to all kinds of general RP, we get all kinds of members with all kinds of writing interests on BD.

    Our site was founded on the tenant that people need to extend common courtesy to each other. We have always wanted BD to be a community where writers of all levels, abilities and personalities can be comfortable. Though we are a +18 site, not everyone on the site writes adult content nor do they want to see adult content in common areas. We ask that you keep sensitive content in either threads or PMs, where members would have to seek it out to see it. Posting that sort of content in profile posts makes it so people no longer option to "seek" the content out so that is why we ask for people to keep that in mind when they make profile posts.

    Our goal here is what it has always been: To make BD a peaceful and fun community where people can do what all RPers want to do on an RP site - Write.

    Within threads and PMs, we ask that you do your best to extend courtesy to other members and treat them with kindness. Just like in real life, you may not get along with everyone you come across on BD. If a disagreement or conflict arises, we urge you to politely exit the conversation. If you ask someone to cease contact and they do not do so, please let staff know. If someone is pushing against your boundaries it is very likely they have done it to others. You can use the "ignore" feature to keep them from contacting you in the future, but contacting staff allows us to help ensure that BD remains a fun place that is free of harassment or trolling.

    On a final note, please remember that though many of our staff members have experience in online community management and we do our best to be professional, we are also all volunteers and we are all here to write and have fun just like you. We do not ask that you afford staff additional respect or reverence, but we do ask that you treat them with kindness and common courtesy, just like you would your fellow members. Staff often spends a portion of their time dealing with uncomfortable subjects like underage issues and content that breaks the rules, so that the community at large doesn't have to. Please afford us some consideration if we contact you to remind you of a rule or something of that sort, we're just doing our best to keep the community fair and peaceful.

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