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 BDRP Image Rules

Discussion in 'Site Rules & Privacy Policy' started by Black Dahlia, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. Black Dahlia

    Black Dahlia Administrative Account Administrator

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    2:05 AM
    Image Rules
    Because we are a writing site for adults, we allow some not safe for work images to be used on the site. Please be aware that breaking these rules can result in disciplinary action, though most instances we will just remind you of the rules and expect you to follow them.

    1. Signature, Avatar, and Profile Cover Image Sizes (Width x Height)
    • Signature images must be no larger than 800 x 200 pixels.
    • Avatar images should be at least 200 x 200 pixels (1:1 ratio).
    • Cover images should be at least 1000 x 300 pixels (10:3 ratio).
    2. One Image Visible & 6 Lines Of Text Per Signature
    Members are allowed to have 1 image visible in their signature and it must meet our size restrictions, with the expection of very small images used as buttons/links. Any additional large images must be placed behind a spoiler. We do this to help members who have slower connections, signatures with multiple images can slow down site access for members with slower internet.

    Signatures should have no more than 6 lines of text. You may use quotes or other short text, but if you wish to share writing samples, please use links in your signature and do not place the full text there.

    3. Put Large Images Behind a Spoiler
    Please put any image bigger than 600px by 600px behind a spoiler, so as not to overwhelm other users or their bandwidth.

    4. Tasteful Nudity is Allowed
    We define tasteful nudity as images where nudity is part of the composition of the image, but not the sole focus. Because of this, images cannot include visible genitalia. Breasts and buttocks may be bare, but vaginas and penises must be covered or not visible. Images, where an outline of genitalia can be clearly seen, are also not permitted. These rules apply to all kinds of images, real or art.

    Images with mild depictions of kink are permitted in both avatars and signatures. For example, things like crops, images of spanking and such would be permitted as long as they are not pornographic.

    5. No Excessively Violent Images
    Images with stark violence or gore are not permitted on site. Images may include mild gore, like blood dripping from a vampire bite wound. This is a courtesy for your fellow members more than anything.

    6. No Pornographic Images
    We do not allow pornographic images or images from pornographic media of any kind on BDRP. Do not use them, do not link to them. Though we allow some racy imagery, pornographic images will be removed and you may face consequences for their use. If the image or gif depicts any kind of penetration or sexual act, this is considered 'pornographic.' This is also to prevent clogging up our site.

    We define pornographic images as the following:
    • Visible genitalia.
    • Images that depict penetration or other explicitly sexual scenes (such as oral sex).
    • Images that depict explicit acts of sex while not showing genitalia (this includes oral sex).
    • Images that come from pornographic websites or other pornographic media.
    7. No Images Depicting Underage Characters in Adult Situations
    Images depicting underage people in adult situations are not permitted on site, reflecting our site rules concerning underage characters. All characters who are placed in sexual situations or graphically violent situations of any kind in images must be over the age of 18 both mentally and physically. We do not allow characters based on real-life underage persons to be "aged up" for roleplay purposes, including in images.

    8. Selfies and Privacy
    We urge you to be cautious when using pictures of yourself for your site avatar. We have a very mature community on BDRP, but putting a picture of yourself as your avatar is not something we advise as it could have real-life impact. We also ask that you do not use selfies that include nudity, even tasteful nudity.
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