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 Erotic Content and Why We Do Not Require Age Verification

Discussion in 'General Information & Site Guides' started by Alchemy, Jun 24, 2018.

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  1. Alchemy

    Alchemy Our Lady Of The Underground Administrator

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    Erotic Content and Why We Do Not Require Age Verification
    BDRP is an adult RP site therefore we allow sexual content/stories. We don’t consider ourselves to be strictly an erotic or e-rp site, though our members are free to RP erotic, graphic or other adult content at their personal comfort level, which can fall just about anywhere, from “G” rated stories to “NC-17” rated stories. We do not have a special section for RPs with adult content, all RPs are housed in the “Roleplay Execution” section of the forum.

    When a member signs up for BDRP, they have to check a box that they agree to the terms and rules of BDRP, which includes the rule that all members are 18+. We expect that all members who sign up are over the age of 18 and therefore legally an adult.

    BDRP cannot be held liable for users actions on the site, according to section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. BDRP staff does their best to moderate questionable content, but it would be near impossible for staff to be able to cover all the user-generated content and communications on the site, nor would we want to constantly invade the privacy of our users to do so. Section 230 of the CDA protects BDRP from being held accountable for users’ actions. You can read more about the Common Decency Act here:

    Why We Do Not Require Age Verification For All Members
    Most RP sites do not require their members to show proof of age beyond the agreement they make when they join the site. As mentioned above, we do expect that everyone who signs up for BDRP to be at least 18 years of age and members who are discovered to be younger than that are immediately banned from the site.

    Even with that expectation, there are minors who try to sign up with a false age and you may be concerned about the legal implications of that. In most states, minors cannot legally give their consent to participate in sexual acts. Trying to have sex or sexual contact with a minor in the real world or online can have legal consequences.

    Legally, writing a story with a minor who has lied about their age is a bit different than openly soliciting sexual contact or trying to cyber with someone you know is a minor. There is always a small amount of risk involved when interacting with other people anonymously on the internet, but if some sexual contact occurs and you were actually unaware of your partner’s age because they had led you to believe they were 18+, the fact that you were deceived can likely be used as a defense if any investigation were to occur.

    BDRP does not allow for sexual stories to be written where the characters involved are under the age of 18.
    This is for the protection of the community and helps us to keep out predators who would enact abhorrent sexual or violent fantasies that involve minors. We have very strict rules against stories that involve minors in sexual or excessively violent situations, and we will ban members for even soliciting those kinds of stories. Our policy is truly zero tolerance, so if you see someone asking for a minor to be in a scene that involves sexual contact please report that person to an admin immediately.

    BDRP does allow members to have personal relationships on the site, which means that members are allowed to engage in adult conversations and activities in private spaces. Though BDRP Admins do have access to your PM conversations, we do not investigate private content unless a report or complaint has been filed.

    To ensure you do not have inappropriate contact with a minor pretending to be older than they are, it is in your best interest to only have cyber sexual contact with people you know well online and you should be sure of their age before any sort of sexual contact is made. This also extends to meeting up with people you meet on the internet. It is best to ensure you know they are who they say they are and they are the age they say they are before you arrange a real-life meeting. Please take steps to protect yourself and ensure you know a person very well before engaging in any sort of online relationship with them. Video chats, active and realistic social media pages and other evidence can help you determine if the person you’re interacting with is real, or if they have simply manufactured an online persona (catfishing).

    What We Do When We Suspect a Member is Underage
    If we find there is some evidence that a member is underage, an admin will make contact with that member via PM and request them to verify their age.

    Once the PM is sent, the member is given 24 hours to send an image, via email, of them with a photo ID that shows their date of birth and a photo that matches their appearance. They are allowed to block out all other information on the ID, so that we do not know their private information. During this 24 hour period, the member’s account is locked from starting and replying to PMs, Threads and Profile posts. This effectively makes it so they are unable to reply to messages or RPs until they have shown they are old enough to use the site.

    They are required to send the image of their ID to BDRP via the BDRP administration email, blackdahliaroleplaying@gmail.com, which only the site’s current admins have access to.

    If they do not verify within 24 hours, their account is automatically banned. If they do verify, their account is unlocked and they are able to carry on with their onsite activities.

    If a member does not have some form of ID to verify their age, we may not be able to allow them back to the site. Sadly, we do not have other means of verification, so this is the only way we can do it. If members are unable to verify when suspicions arise, then we cannot grant access to the site.

    We try not to ask for age verification without significant suspicion that a member is underage, since we realize it does require a member to share some private information with us, such as what they look like.
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