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 Verum Videre

Discussion in 'Advertisement Links' started by Syleea, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Syleea

    Syleea Guest

    Local Time:
    3:07 AM
    Home | Rules | Plot | Faces | Want Ads | Canons | Discord | Avertising
    18+ | Master/slave and Supernatural site | LGBTQ+ Friendly | Easy Apps | 3 3 3 Rating​

    Supernatural beings have existed since the beginning of time. Some coexist without any problems while others hide away from the others, trying not to be found. In a modern-day society with futuristic technology, it's hard to stay hidden forever. Slavery has also existed since the beginning and continues to flourish to this day. The world government created Placement Tests to give each person a chance to be free or to be a slave. Will the species ever get along? Where will you end up? Come find out at Verum Videre!

    We just opened on 7/26/2019 so we don't have many members, yet, but we are a welcoming and friendly community ready to help everyone who joins!